The purpose of living

If we accept there is a God then it is likely that we would have been given a reason for existing; for me, as I do believe in a Creator God, the purpose of living is to come to have a personal and loving relationship with Our Father in Heaven. As a consequence the action I need to take is to know God and his ways better, so then I will be able to witness his love for me and you in what I do and say. If I’m right then everyone who wants to know their Heavenly Father should learn the Word and Ways of God with the aim of  doing those things that will put a smile on God’s face making sure we care for all his creation, especially this living planet.

Doctrine is the idea of one person that they have persuaded others to accept as true and then established it as the way of thinking for those they lead. There can be only one truth and that can be revealed by God’s own Spirit within us, however we need to be very careful about being too dogmatic about knowing that it is THE TRUTH! For surely we are unlikely to know the complete truth for our lives are too short to gain all the information we need.

Welcome to my Christian views web site, I hope to put forward opinions, ideas about the teaching of Jesus and the church that are supposed to witness his teaching even if they are somewhat different from mainstream thinking. I trust what I write will interest you, of course I do believe I’m mostly right in what I have written but I am always open to others to correct me, so please add your views since no-one knows the full truth apart from Our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus. Like Pilate we need not be afraid to ask ‘What is truth’ and seek for answers no matter how difficult the questions might be.  The site is only just starting and over the coming months will expand, please be part of it, tell me what you think.

The question I started with was can we know the mind, character and personality of God? I believe we have been given that chance in all that has been revealed within the Bible.

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