About God

FAQ – about God

Is there a God?

This is the most important question any of us can ask and from which all other questions follow is ‘Does God exist’? The easy answer for me is yes, there is a God but many will believe there isn’t a god saying there is no credible evidence for the existence of a deity. So why do I and many millions accept a God exists?

Remember we like Pilate need not be afraid to ask ‘What is truth’ and seek for answers no matter how difficult the questions might be and particularly be pleased when the answers lead us somewhere we don’t expect.

First consider nature, how everything on this planet works to rules, be it mathematics, physics, chemistry, even emotions and the way we live, which for me means it’s been designed and so there must be a designer to make it all happen. Yet some say the rules of science are not evidence of a designer but without rules how could there be a creation, and so creation is in itself is the evidence. Now consider how our body works, our thinking abilities, the freedom we have to decide for ourselves how we live and the emotions we all feel, our uniqueness in these things for me are impossible to all happen by accident and again is evidence of a designer. Yet we have to understand that despite this evidence some will not accept it and we come to belief.

Second God wants to connect with us and many people can witness having a direct spiritual relationship with God, from prophets who tell us what God wants of us ,to ordinary people who experience a oneness with God in many different ways; worship, music, meditation and in seeing answers to prayers. However freewill allow us to accept or reject the evidence we are given, which then comes down to risk taking and what we decide to believe and that is up to us.

What sort of character is God?
We are given all sort of clues from his relationship with people and from the stories attributed to him from the bible. We are made is his image, so look at us and see the elements of him, freewill, love, hate, work, achievement, rest, joy, sadness, judgement and sharing.

Why should anyone be interested in God?
If God did create us and gave us a purpose to fulfil should we not acknowledge him and live to that purpose.
What does God want of us?
To live in the way we were designed to live. To love God, to love ourselves and to then love others and from those come all the ways of God. The task he gave mankind is written in Genesis; to care for his creation. My own simply theology as to what to do for God is to do those things that will put a smile on his face.

Who created God?
Some things are beyond our understanding, but as our knowledge and understanding increases then who knows what we will discover.

How can I come to know God?
Talk to him and surprisingly he does answer quite often but remember always treat him with respect and also as a friend.

Why if God loves us do so many bad things happen?
Part of the reason we were created was to find those who want to be at one with God and follow his ways which is why we were given freewill. That freewill allows us to do God’s will or oppose it and if we don’t love God and his ways, don’t love ourselves and others then we are in affect opposing God and doing evil; the result of which is that evil harms all people.
As for natural disasters well they are not disasters but necessary as part of living existence of nature on this planet and if we decide to live in those areas where they occur then from time to time we must accept being effected by them.