About Jesus

FAQ about Jesus

Did Jesus exist?
Yes and they is much evidence to support he lived as an itinerant preacher in Israel at the time Pontius Pilate was Governor there in the years 26 to 36AD.

When was he born and is it important in the belief of him?
We do not know the year in which he was born but it must have been before April 4BC since that is when Herod the Great died who tied to have Jesus killed as a baby.

Did he really do those impossible miracles like healing the sick, walking on water and feeding 5,000 with a few bits of beard and fish?
After 2.000 years we do not have any eye witnesses only the recorded stories from Jesus’ close followers of what happened. However if he were the Son of God then such things must be conceivable for who would dare to suggest such things could happen if they did not.

Are his teaching realistic?
He core teaching is that God loves us and wants us to love him in return and then show that love to others.

Did Jesus have to die on a cross to be able to forgive us our sins?
Before he died Jesus was able to forgive people their sins, the reason he died was that he told the truth that he was the Messiah bringing the forgiveness of God to all who accept him as the person who could bring them before God cleanse of their sins.

Did he really come back to life after being crucified?
The evidence of many witnesses was that he did. This was the greatest and final proof he was The Son of God.

Was he The Son of God and does that make him equal with God?
Jesus never claimed equality with God only that he was the Messiah and God’s Son.

If I want to know more about Jesus how do I go about it?
First ask Jesus to guide you in your thinking and beliefs then find someone who does follow Jesus and ask for their help.