About The Holy Spirit

FQA –about God’s Holy Spirit

Who or what is The Holy Spirit?
The essence of God, his Word, his truth that can be expressed in our lives, a joining of God and an individual. Jesus tells us his Heavenly Father lives in him and he lives in him and when we make him our Saviour then we will live in him and he will live in us all this is enabled by God’s own Spirit, The Holy Spirit,

How do we get God’s Spirit?
We are given God’s Spirit when we acknowledge Jesus as The Son of God and as our Lord.

What will God’s Spirit do for us?
God’s Spirit is given as a stand in for Jesus, since he is to help guide us through life reminding us of Jesus’ teaching plus be our comforter, our counsellor and our teacher.

How can I know it is God’s Spirit?
Only God’s Spirit will acknowledge Jesus as being God’s Son.

Was the Holy Spirit given to anyone before Jesus came?
Yes it was given to a number of early prophets that we can read about in the Old Testament of the Bible.