Holy week


Holy Week


Palm Sunday the start of Holy week, culminating in the trial, death and resurrection of Jesus, God’s Son and Our Saviour. We don’t often look at all the circumstances surrounding the time in-between in one go, from his entry into Jerusalem through the teaching at the temple to the people, the last meal with his disciples, his arrest, trail, death, burial and resurrection. These needs to be treated as his most important events which we need to understand for without this week in his life it would be difficult to imagine Christianity becoming what it has.


Holy Week, what happened that would change a carpenter’s son, prophet, an itinerate preacher and healer into the Messiah, someone who’s had the greatest effect upon the human race. The schedule below is only a probable timetable of events.


   Holy week taken from the four gospels – John & Matthew Mark / Luke


J 12:12        Jesus Comes to Jerusalem, the crowd greets him waving palm branches, shouting ‘God bless the man who comes in the name of the Lord – he was riding on an ass which portrays him as a king of peace. Priests declare they can do nothing for all the people are running after him.

J 12:20        Greek want to meet Jesus – He promises eternal life to those who follow and serve him. And that his purpose was to be tested and so glorify The Father. He refers to himself as the light. He heals people and does miraculous signs

J 12:37        Jesus fulfilled the prophases made by Isaiah that many would not be believed in Jesus – but some leaders did believe in Jesus but were frighten by it becoming known. Those who hear but reject the truth will be condemned.

M 21:12      Jesus at the Temple – drove out the traders, healed the blind and the lame demonstrating he had power and was able to do things beyond the power of men. – The priest were upset with the praise given to Jesus


M 21:18      Jesus Curses a Fig Tree – seeing that there was no fruit he said, may you never bear fruit again – maybe a reference to the Jewish nation

M 21:12      In the temple the Authority of Jesus Questioned by the priests – Jesus had not been trained, had no qualifications, no temple authority – He is not brow beaten but asks where John’s authority to do baptism making the priests look stupid by not knowing.

M 21:28      The Parable of the Two Sons – first said no to work in the vineyard then did it, the second said he would then didn’t – which was the better son? He likens this to sinners will going ahead of priests into heaven.

M 21:38      The Parable of the Tenants – landowner planted a vineyard, rented it out but the tenants would not pay him the rent. Killed or stoned his message and also his son.  The king deals with the people giving the vineyard to a new group.

M 22:1        The Parable of the Wedding Banquet – people who are not prepared to acknowledge and live by God’s ways will be rejected for we all need to accept his ways and standards.


M 22:15      Paying the Imperial Tax to Caesar. Cleaver ruse by the Pharisees to get Jesus into trouble with the Romans and the Jews at the same time..

M 22:23      Marriage at the Resurrection, One women seven husbands who gets the wife in heaven, Jesus tells the Sadducees who by the way don’t believe in heaven that they don’t know the scriptures.

M 22:34      With hundreds of laws the Pharisees try again and ask which is the Greatest Commandment, Jesus replied, love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind, and then goes further and states the second to love your neighbour as yourself.

Jesus was showing what Love really is, it is in our actions, Love is not an emotion, Love are the actions we do and from doing love we experience the emotion of having a closeness with God, Sin and we feel we opposite, we are far from God.

M 22:41      Then Jesus turns the table and asked the Pharisees a question, Whose Son Is the Messiah? With an answer given of David Jesus then confounds then with his answer, of how then could David calling the Messiah Lord. We know because The Messiah was God’s son not David’s

M 23:1        Jesus then openly accuses both the Sadducees and Pharisees of their hypocrisy by not practicing what they preach. He goes on to say that we should call our leaders masters, or teachers for those are titles for God, and that leadership is about serving others not being served.

M 23:13      Jesus then lists seven examples of actions he holds against these leaders of the temple and all direction at not doing what they tell others to do, calling them snakes and a brood of vipers! We can in the same way tell if someone is trying to really be a follower of Jesus. He finishes by telling them that they will not see him again unless they recognise him as coming in the name of God. That is what he says has the authority of God and is to be accepted as true.

M 24:1        After saying this he leaves the temple and one would suspect he was rather angry and to placate him the disciples point out man adoration of God in the building of the temple. Jesus retorts that it is worthless and it will be destroyed.


M 24:4        Now going to one of his favourite places, the Mount of Olives, Jesus tells his disciples what the future holds, false messiahs, wars, famines, earthquakes, his followers being persecuted, put to death, hated, and because of all the evil love will grow cold. However his words will be preached across the world and then the end will come and Jesus will come again but this time with power and great glory, his followers will be gathered together

M 24:30      No-one knows but The Father knows when this will occur so people must be ready at all times for The Son of Man will come when not expected. And people will be judged according to how they have lived God’s Love

M 25:1        Jesus then tells parables about God’s judgement, the Ten Virgins, and the Talents. We are to do what is right, be patiently, do what would please God,

M 25:31      Judgement:- in knowing the hearts of people, that is what is important to them they will be separated  as easily as shepherd separates his sheep from his goats. Those who loved as God loves, love his people as God loves his people, these will be rewarded with eternal life, and others will be punished.

M 26:1        Jesus predicts the future – He will be handed over to be crucified. Caiaphas the High priest plot to arrest and kill Jesus but fear the people.

M 26:6        Jesus goes to Bethany and is anointed by Mary

M 26:8        Suggested that the perfume should have been sold and money given to help the poor. Jesus appreciates the gift suggesting that she had been prompted to do it without knowing why – but the reason was for his burial.

M 26:14      Judas maybe upset because he was put down by Jesus goes to the priests and agreeing to betray Jesus is paid 30 pieces of silver and then looks for the best opportunity to act.


M 26:17      Disciples told to go into the city to prepare the Passover meal which they do.

J 13:1          Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet telling Peter that he will understand his actions in time and that he has to wash him to make him fully clean. Also that they need to wash one another feet (they are equals, don’t want to be better than someone else)

M 26:26      Jesus takes bread gave thanks, broke it and giving it to his disciples said ‘Take eat this is my body’ (in Luke he adds ‘given for you, do this in remembrance of me’) then taking the cup gave thanks and said; Drink for this is my blood of the covenant which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.

L 22:24       The one who rules should be like the one who serves, I have served you – therefore do as Jesus did

L 22:31       Jesus Predicts His Denial – praying that Peter’s faith will not fail, and when he turns back he will strengthen his brothers.

J 13:18        Jesus tells of his betrayal and after being asked point to Judas and then tells Judas to go and do what he has too quickly. Judas takes the bread and leaves.

J 13:34        The new command – To Love one another – love like Jesus then people will know who his followers are.

J 14:1          Don’t let your hearts be troubled, Trust in God, trust also in me. In my father house are many rooms. I will come back and take you to be with me. I am The Way The Truth and the Life, no-one come to the Father except through me.  Know Jesus and know The father.

J 14:10        Believe me that I am in the Father and he is in me – believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves, those who have faith in me will do what I have been doing. The Son may bring glory to The Father.

J 14:15        If you love me you will obey what I command and I will send you another counsellor, the Spirit of truth lives in you  and will be in you. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you, do not be troubled and do not be afraid. I prophesied so you may believe.

J 15:1          Jesus is the true Vine and my Father is the gardener, he cuts off every branch that bears no fruit, and prunes those that do so they will be even more fruitful. You are my friends IF you do what I command – Love each other.

J 15:18        The World Hates his disciples and will persecute them but you must testify about him.

J 16:5          The Work of the Holy Spirit is to convict the world of guilt in regard to sin, show us in regard to sin, righteousness, judgement and will guide in all truth

J 16:17        The Disciples’ grief will happen, but will then turn to Joy. The Father loves you because you have loved Jesus

J 17:1          Jesus Prays to Be Glorified so that The Father may be glorified.

J 17:6          Jesus Prays for His Disciples to be protected by the name of The Father as they go into the world.

J 17:20        Jesus Prays for All Believers that they may be one. That they may see Jesus glory so they know who sent him.

Thursday midnight

J 18:1          Jesus Arrested in an olive grove across the Kidron valley, Judas led them. Peter cut off the right ear of one of the men which Jesus then healed. Jesus was arrested, bound and taken to Annas.

Friday before dawn

J 18:15        Peter’s First Denial – shows just how human Peter was – at the time we would all do the same

J 18:19        The High Priest Questions Jesus and when he answered was struck by an official

J 18:25        Peter’s Second and Third Denials – Once we start to lie it’s difficult to stop

M 26:62      Jesus before the Sanhedrin, false witnesses accused him. He is charge to say under oath if he is the Messiah, The Son of God and Jesus states that he is. This to the priest is blasphemy and worthy of death.

M 27:1        Judas full of remorse – throws the money back and hangs himself

Friday Dawn

L 22:66       Jesus before Pilate and Herod – Accused of opposes payment of taxes to Caesar and states he is the messiah a king. As he was from Galilee he was sent to Herod, Jesus refused to talk to Herod who then sent Jesus back to Pilate

J 9:1            Jesus before Pilate, Pilate did not want to judge him, Jesus was brought before him as the Jews could not execute anyone. Asked if he was king of the Jews Jesus did not deny it, but said his kingdom was not of this world and admitted he was a king, to testify to the truth Pilate found him not guilty, but then Pilate tried to have him released but the crowd wanted Barabbas.

Jesus was flogged, mocked him and beat him. Again Pilate found him not guilty but the priests first and then the crowd cried crucify him. Pilate a third time said he was not guilty. He was then told that Jesus claimed to be The Son of God, so he took Jesus back into the palace and asked where Jesus came from. Jesus didn’t answer so Pilate said he was the one with power over him. Jesus replied he would have no power unless it was given to him from above. Pilate again tried to free Jesus but was then accused of not being a friend of Caesar, Pilate told the people that here is their king but again the crowd demanded Jesus be crucified. Finally Pilate handed Jesus over to be crucified

Friday 9.00am

J 19:17        The crucifixion – Jesus carried his own cross to the place of the skull, where he was hung on a cross alongside two others. Had a notice put up’ Jesus King of the Jews’. Soldiers divided up his cloths then gambled for them

J 19:28        The Death of Jesus – Jesus spent 3 hours on the cross then said ‘My God, My God why have you forsaken me?

‘I’m thirsty and was given wine vinegar.

He then said ‘It is finished and died

His body was pierced to prove he was dead

Friday 3.00pm

M 27:51      The curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.

J 19:38        Joseph of Arimathea asks Pilate for Jesus Body

J 19:39        Nicodemus helps bury Jesus.

M 27:62      To prevent anyone stealing the body the tomb was sealed and a guard was put on the tomb.

Sunday dawn

J 20:1          Mary Magdalene visit empty tomb, tells Peter and John

L 24:9         The disciples do not believe Mary.

J 20:3          Peter and John go to tomb

J 20:10        Jesus talks to Mary

J 20:18        Mary tells the disciples

Sunday midday

L24:13        Jesus meets two followers and walks to Emmaus

Sunday evening

L 24:33       The two followers return and tell the disciples Jesus is alive

Mk 16:13    The disciples do not believe the followers

J 20:19        Jesus appears to the disciples. Thomas returns and does not accept Jesus appeared.

The following few weeks 

J 20:26       A week later when Thomas is there Jesus appears again and Thomas tells Jesus, You are my Lord and my God! Jesus replies those who have not seen and believe are blessed.

J 21:1        Jesus appears to seven disciples by Lake Galilee

Acts 1       6 weeks later Jesus is lifted up into Heaven